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Sofia Becomes the Crossroad of the eCommerce Innovation on April 4th-5th Join Us at the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024

Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 event sofia esemény


Sofia Becomes the Crossroad of the eCommerce Innovation on April 4th-5th Join Us at the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024

The Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 is an inspiring two-day forum scheduled to take place at Arena Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 4th and 5th of April, 2024. Event organizer, Nikola Ilchev, one of the most influential eCommerce figures in the Balkans, promises an impressive event that will bring fresh perspectives to the e-commerce sector in the Balkan region.

“We are expecting over 2000 guests, 150 exhibitors in the expo area, and 20 speakers from around the world,” shares Ilchev, “The goal of the event is to create a platform for accelerated development and to foster partnerships between e-commerce businesses in the Balkan region, providing a new starting point for their growth.”

The tickets are at a special price now, offering the registrants full access to the two-day event program, meals and drinks, as well as an exclusive party after the first day, full access to the event app with all guests and partners. “This is a unique opportunity for all participants to connect and exchange experiences with representatives from all the Balkan countries, without having to travel to each country individually,” adds  Ilchev.

The organizer of the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024, shared information about the first two speakers Niall Lavery and Michael Corcoran, and hinted at the next exciting news for participants and partners.

Niall Lavery is an industry leader and known for inspiring ideas that transform businesses. He possesses a unique combination of technical and managerial skills that enable him to see opportunities where others do not. He is aware of the latest trends in technology and innovation and works hard to ensure that the brands he works with are up to date. He is an industry leader and known for inspiring ideas that transform businesses. We are happy to announce that he will be part of the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 as a speaker and will speak on:

The ages of insight – how has the customer relationship evolved over the last 100 years, and what role has data played?

The second speaker who will take the stage at the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 on April 4th in Sofia is Michael Corcoran – an exciting social media expert whose work we have seen in recent years at the airline Ryanair, and now looking after his clients in the social network communication and profile management agency Frankly.

Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 esemény

Michael Corcoran is brilliant at social media marketing, creating video content for brands and differentiating them through emotion. Michael will also introduce us to the work of influencers for business. His topic during the Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 is

 „Be on Social without being on Social“.

Another interesting thing about this event is a special mobile application, that gives you the convenience of tracking registered guests. This innovative tool will allow you to schedule meetings with desired participants, helping you organize your time and connect with important people. Additionally, with this application, you will have access to information about companies, the program, exhibitors, and exhibitors enabling you to gather information in advance and prepare for a productive participation in the event. The application will be active two weeks before the event and will remain active after it. To register, you will need to have purchased a ticket.

If you are planning to expand your business in the Balkans or beyond, your place is at the Balkan Ecommerce Summit 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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