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Megjelent a Microsoft Jet 4.0 SP6 az Office 2k/XP-hez


Megjelent a Microsoft Jet 4.0 SP6 az Office 2k/XP-hez

Az adatbázis-végrehajtó hatodik javítása az Access és a hozzá hasonló adatbázis-kezelők végrehajtó motorjának összesen 20 ismert hibáját javítja.

Megjelent és letölthető a Microsoft Jet 4.0 hatodik javítása (SP6) az Office 2k/XP-t futtató Windows 98/Me/NT4/2k/XP operációs rendszerekhez.

A javítás összesen 20 ismert hibát javít. A javított hibák a következő, a Microsoft Knowledge Base által már közzétett problémák:
– [Q294698] Jet 4.0 Expression Can Execute Unsafe Visual Basic for Applications Functions
– [Q293657] #Deleted in a Linked Table That Has a Field of Type UniqueIdentifier
– [Q294907] Like ˝String*˝ Criteria Is Incorrect on Indexed (Duplicates OK) Fields That Have DBCS Characters
– [Q291541] Memo Field Characters Are Displayed as Question Marks
– [Q291162] AutoNumber Field Duplicates Previous Values After You Compact and Repair a Database
– [Q250637] Jet 4.0 Creates Incorrect CREATE TABLE Statements
– [Q291529] Result of the Mid, the Left, or the Right Function in Query Referring to Memo Column Is Incorrect
– [Q291546] Access Displays #DELETED When You Insert Data with the Same Value into a Non-Unique Key Column of a Remote Table
– [Q293199] Slow Performance When You Open Objects in Design View in Access Running on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
– [Q264766] #DELETED Error When Inserting Records with CHAR Primary Key
– [Q291238] Records Newly Inserted into Access Database Are Not Immediately Available When Reselecting
– [Q263561] Non-BDE Paradox and dBase ISAM Drivers
– [Q309163] Microsoft Access Quits When You Add Data Through a Query After You Upgrade to Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 5
– [Q247140] Memory Use Climbs with Multiple Recordsets Under a Single Jet Session/Connection
– [Q259287] ODBC Error When You Use Scalar Functions to Insert Timestamp with Fractional Value
– [Q264766] #DELETED Error When Inserting Records with CHAR Primary Key
– [Q297355] Error Message ˝Incorrect Syntax Near ´,´ (#170)˝ with a Comma as a Decimal Separator
– [Q304536] ˝Object invalid or no longer set˝ Error with Microsoft Jet
– [Q311159] Inefficient Use of LIKE Clause with Jet OLEDB Provider
– [Q304431] Error Message: Run-Time Error ´3114´ : Cannot Include Memo, OLE or Hyperlink Object When You Select Unique Values

A Microsoft Jet 4.0 SP6 ajánlott frissítés.

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