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A Windows XP SP2 javításainak új listája


A Windows XP SP2 javításainak új listája

A Windows XP SP2 168 funkcióját javítja az operációs rendszernek. E javítások közül 113-ról számol be a Microsoft részletesen, de közülük ˝csak˝ 18 annyira fontos (főként biztonsági hibák), hogy jelenleg is letölthető a Windows Update-en.

A javított funkciók a következők.

309344 File Appears to Be Deleted Although You Do Not Have Permissions on the OS/2 Warp4-Based Server
314816 PostScript Printer Does Not Show All the Supported Paper Sizes on French Windows 2000 Clients
319233 Keypad ˝=˝ Key May Not Work on NEC PC98 USB Keyboard
319325 The ˝IPCONFIG /SETCLASSID˝ Command Does Not Send the Class ID in the Options Field of the DHCP Information Packet
321697 You Cannot Make Floppy Disk Controller Physically Probe Floppy Drives
322011 Preview is Unavailable in Fax Console with Windows XP SP1
323183 Availability of Windows XP Service Pack 1 Support for Bluetooth Wireless Devices
323255 Download – MS02-055: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility May Allow Attacker to Run Code
324141 Changing the Password on a Locked-Out Account Generates a ˝Domain Not Available˝ Message
324230 A Domain Driver-Signing Policy Is Not Applied
324579 Incorrect Desktop Icon Font Size in Traditional Chinese Windows XP
324929 Download – December 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1
325459 Active Window Border Setting Is Not Saved Correctly in Windows XP
325929 A Null Session Leak Is Caused by The GetFileAttributes Function on Windows XP Clients
326119 Event Viewer May Show IrEvents Error 8205 If the Irmon Service Is Stopped
326661 Access Violation Occurs When a Program Makes System Calls by Using Software Pipelining Optimization on Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
326863 Operating System Throttling Does Not Work
327010 Link Sent by E-mail Is Incomplete in Subject Line and Does Not Appear in Message Body
327361 NSLOOKUP Does Not Use the Suffix Search List Set by a Policy
327405 Windows XP Documentation Update Can Help You Understand How to Make Your Computer More Secure
327498 Files May Appear to Be Empty with an Older Redirector
327565 Computer Hangs During Shutdown or Restart If Multiple Programs Call ExitWindowsEx()
327575 Cannot Log On One Time After an Administrator Uses Remote Desktop
327696 Download – MS02-062: October 2002 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Services (IIS)
327699 Maximum NT User Handles Per Process Is 10,000 in Windows XP
327863 Stop Error 0x7E Occurs in Usbhub.sys If USB Bandwidth Consumption Exceeds 100 Percent
327889 Unnecessary Event ID 537 Entries in the Security Log
327897 Sony DVMC-DA2 Converter Is Not Compatible with Video for Windows on Windows XP
327917 Installation May Take a Long Time If You Use ˝Administrator˝ or ˝Owner˝ as the Computer Name
327918 The Administrator Account Appears on the Welcome Logon Screen
327933 You Cannot Browse NetWare Volumes When You Map Drives
327979 Download – Game Stops Responding (Hangs) or Quits Unexpectedly When Introductory Video Clip Is Played
327980 The New Connection Wizard Does Not Set the ˝Always Dial My Default Connection˝ Setting
328007 The CommandCallback Method in PCL6 Causes an Exception in the Unidriver Module
328035 STOP Error Occurs When You Restore Backup Windows XP SP1 Files
328070 Netmeeting Does Not Disconnect When You Use It Through a Windows XP Firewall
328145 This fix has been replaced by Microsoft. Please use 329115
328213 Removing a Program May Generate Event ID 7023
328269 Windows XP SP1 May Not Start with the /3GB or /USERVA Switch
328293 ˝Close Open Files˝ Message Appears During Initial Folder Synchronization When You Do Not Have Files Open
328310 Download – MS02-071: Flaw in Windows WM_TIMER Message Handling Can Enable Privilege Elevation
328353 Folder Selection Collapses After You Rename a Folder in Windows Explorer Tree View
328368 Windows XP CSNW Always Calls the Nearest Server for Logging On to an NDS Tree
328489 User Permissions Appear in Mixed Languages
328572 Download – FIX: Windows Media Player Does Not Correctly Detect MPEG2 Content with Embedded MP3 Audio
328596 The ˝NoDesktop˝ Policy Causes Problems with Displaying the Desktop
328597 Method for Preventing Users from Compressing Files
328628 The Security Tab Is Missing from a Scheduled Task´s Properties
328742 Cannot Restore Backup from USB Tape Drive or Back Up to the Drive If Verify Option Is Turned On (Win2K)
328915 100 Percent CPU Usage May Occur Under Some Battery Conditions
328970 Download – November 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer
328979 Supplemental Language Support Options Change Program Background Color
329048 Download – MS02-054: Unchecked Buffer in File Decompression Functions May Allow Attacker to Run Code
329052 You Sporadically Receive a ˝STOP 0x1E˝ Error Message in Win32k.sys in Windows XP
329059 Themed Programs May Stop Working During Long Operations
329077 MS02-052: Flaw in Microsoft VM JDBC Classes Could Allow Code Execution
329080 MAPI DCOM HRESULT 0X800706be RPC Call Fails
329112 FIX: Multi-Border DVD with More Than 4 GB of Data Not Readable Past First Border
329115 Download – MS02-050: Certificate Validation Flaw Might Permit Identity Spoofing
329145 Cannot Copy a Directory with Extended Attributes to a FAT32 Partition
329170 ˝File or Network Path No Longer Exists˝ or ˝No Network Provider Accepted the Given Network Path˝ Error Message When ou Copy or Open Files in Windows XP SP1
329180 Integrated Technology Express Devices May Not Work with Windows XP
329202 Computer Is Slow to Start After You Change the Default UI to a Different Language
329256 Download – FIX: Inconsistent Gap Count Can Cause 1394 Devices to Not Enumerate
329310 The Time to Connect with Remote Access Continues to Grow
329390 Download – MS02-072: Windows XP Security Patch: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Shell Could Enable System Compromise
329441 Download – You Cannot Create a Network Connection After You Restore Windows XP
329457 Computer Seems to Hang When You Log On
329463 You Are Notified that a Network Device Has Been Detected After Resuming Your Computer from Standby
329581 Bugcheck 0xFE When You Start the ˝Safely Remove Hardware˝ Utility on a Docked Portable Computer System
329604 Download – PostScript Print Jobs Containing Type-1 Multiple Master Metrics Fonts Are Not Printed
329623 Problems with InterVideo DVD Software After Upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 1
329692 Download – Explorer.exe May Generate an Application Error When You Close a Folder
329798 Cannot Connect to Cisco Dial-up Server with Some Client IP Address Ranges in Windows XP
329834 Download – MS02-063: Unchecked Buffer in PPTP Implementation Could Enable Denial of Service Attacks
329909 IEEE 1394 Storage Device Detection Does Not Work When the System Resumes from Standby or Hibernation
329979 Download – Critical Update for Windows XP Media Center Edition
330089 Large Self-Extracting Program File May Not Start
330172 Computer May Not Shut Down Properly If You Remove a SCSI Adapter While in Standby
330227 INFO: Availability of Windows XP COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 5
330232 FIX: 1394 Debugging Cannot Debug Drivers at Boot Time
330421 FIX: Isoch Callback Not Called or Error on Blue Screen Occurs When Starting Isoch Stream
330459 Shortcut Keys Do Not Work After You Add the ˝Remove Frequently-Used Programs List from Start Menu˝ Policy Setting
330512 The Processor Performance State Is Not Restored to the Maximum State If the CPU Runs at 100 Percent
330519 Red ´X´ Appears on Home Folder Mapped Drive in Windows Explorer
330836 Shortcuts to Mapped Drives on Windows 95 or Windows 98 May Not Work in Windows XP
330909 Hibernation Problem on Computers with 1 GB of RAM
330929 Windows XP Causes Extra SMB Notify Change Traffic
331044 Files Larger Than 4 GB Are Truncated When You Use an EMC Device with Windows XP
331127 The ˝Set Program Access and Defaults˝ Icon Is Missing from the MFU List on Some Localized Windows XP SP1 Versions
331331 The ˝Formatting˝ Toolbar Is Not Visible After You Install the Language Interface Pack or Multilingual User Interface
331695 USB 2.0 Device Removed When System Resumes from Hibernation
331708 Windows Explorer Cannot Show Share Contents on a Windows 2000 Server
331816 VPN Client in Windows XP Disconnects After One Minute
331904 A Memory Leak Occurs in the SnmpMgrGetTrap() Function When It Receives Very Large Packets
331913 Download – Keys on Windows XP Media Center Remote Sensor Device Appear to Stick
331956 Tablet PC Object Model Components Leak Resources
331958 Hard Disk May Become Corrupted When Entering Standby or Hibernation
810019 InstallShield 5.5 Setup May Run Slowly with the Bluetooth Supplement Installed
810020 ˝Wireless Connection Unavailable˝ Message After Computer Resumes from Standby
810030 MS02-069: Flaw in Microsoft VM May Compromise Windows
810243 Download – DirectShow Playback Support for Files Recorded with Windows XP Media Center Edition
810400 USB Devices May Not Work After You Unplug a Downstream USB Hub from the Host Controller
810565 Hyperlinks Open in Internet Explorer Instead of in Default Browser or Help and Support Center
810691 Video That Uses Indeo3 Codec May Become Inverted When Moved Between Primary and Secondary Display
810704 You Receive a Prompt for the Aliadwdm.sys File When Upgrading Windows XP
810806 Explorer May Quit Unexpectedly When Startup
810858 Destination File´s Modified Time May Be One Second Earlier Than Source File´s
811062 Domain Group Policy Is Lost After Logging On with Cached Credentials in Windows XP
811080 Slow or Delayed Screen Updates After Reconnecting to Console Session
811142 Running the New Connection Wizard May Cause System Error 1717
811243 3.5-Inch USB Disk Is Displayed As a 5-Inch Disk in My Computer
811299 MMC Snap-ins That Are Generated with Visual Basic Designer Do Not Work Correctly
811576 Program May Stop Working If It Uses RPC with a UNIX Server

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